Types of POS Barcode Scanners to Choose From

There are different varieties of barcode scanners distinguished by their scanning techniques and form factor. The main difference is the amount of operator work is required. There are pen-style or wand style scanners, handheld scanners and fixed mount scanners used. You may use Pointofsale POS barcode scanners which vary in scanning technology, such as CCD scanners, laser scanners, 2D scanners and omni-directional scanners. As per the requirements and application, you may go with the scanning technology.

Wand Scanners
The pen-style or wand barcode scanners should be swiped over the barcode at a consistent speed or angle. This way, they are least efficient scanner but they are affordable. They are also very durable, small and not limited by width of barcode.

Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners
These scanners are used to read barcodes as they are passed on the front of scanner. They are also used widely in WIP applications and for sorting in conveyer systems. Smaller models are also used widely in security identification, laboratory, and kiosk applications. Most of these systems come with laser scan engine and they also should be mounted at a specified angle and distance from barcodes which will also pass in front of them.

Linear Imager Scanners
Also known as CCD Long Range (LR) scanners, CCD scanners, and full-array imagers, linear imager scanners use the scanning technology which involves no moving parts. So, these scanners are very durable as compared to laser scanners. But they also have shorter distance of reading in contact to two feet. These types of scanners are also best suited for reading poorly printed or damaged barcodes.